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In February 2019, someone who did not understand how to stay in his lane when there are two lanes turning the same place bumped firmly into the rear right corner of my car, wrinkling the metal under the bumper. This opened the can of worms for getting the body fixed. While the body was not in great shape due to 32 years of life and previous repairs, I did not want to drive around with it looking like I just got run into. So, I looked up an previous coworker of mine who now runs a shop, Schebish Brothers. In addition to fixing the wrinkled rear corner, they fixed the rust around the rear wheel wells. Shawn luckily found two front fenders, one of them new old stock! The rear bumper needed lots of love in general. The roof and driver's door also needed fixing.

I would have liked to get new wrap-around trim, but it's discontinued. All that's out there looks as bad. I won't tell the story of one guy who used to make replacements but gave up on that inconveniently.

I saved some money spending my own time stripping the paint and old repair off the hood. The gray steel under 5 coats of stuff is basically the same color as the paint. The dent in the middle predates my purchase of the car. There was quite the wad of filler there. I had the hood repainted at some point because some little shit felt the need to scratch words on it, adding at least one of the layers. Much of the paint there was badly checked, hence the stripping. May as well go all the way since the checking would just come through new paint.

I tried two paint strippers I had lying around: Citri-Strip and Soy-Gel. The Citri-Strip didn't do anything; the Soy-Gel barely worked and very slowly. The shop gave me some stinky Jasco stripper, which worked well.

The roof was also in bad shape, with old-school repairs and lots of putty, just like the hood.

The car now looks better than it has in decades. I will still drive it as much as I can, trying to avoid people not paying attention. But, that's how it always is.

Time and milage at the beginning. RR looking sad Lots of rust Rust
Fuel door corner fixed Cut out the rust Add new steel LR new steel
Uncovering the old repair More new repair Old "repair" holes More old work
Inside the wheel well rust LR looking way better RR new work RR coming together
Start on the front LR new work RR new work Rear bumper was in sad shape
Spare tire well needs repair RR looking good RR improved! LR improved!
LR detail LR detail New-to-me bumper bracket Inside the skin
L bracket is still ok Front fender? Rear hatch had to come apart Another rear hatch shot
Rear hatch In progress shot Front fenders! Make it smooth
LR is ready Not sure what this is Taillight hole ready RR with replacement trim
RR with replacement trim Bumper skin much improved Bumper skin is ready Bumper skin
Bumper bracket Try 3 strippers Found the steel! 5 layers of paint
Progress Removing the wad All paint is gone I have no idea what caused this
Denuded! Nice 1980s Japanese steel Hood dent repair Scrub it down
Modern patch Patch and ready Smoooooth Roof was really bad
This took quite some time Painted and shiny! Looking new again! Time and milage at the end.
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