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Basement Labs is a window into one man's innate need to create. Some (good) people teach. Some collect objects. Some entertain us. This one takes raw materials and turns them into useful objects.

The medium is irrelevant - the process of creation is independent of the medium. Wood, metal, cloth, electronic parts, food, computer programming - it's all the same. The mechanics and tools are different, but the process isn't.

This site is an exhibition of my innate need to create (mostly) useful items out of raw materials. Over the years, I've built many things of wood with some other media thrown in there.

You can see what I've done, and often how I got there in the photo galleries. As promised (some long time ago), I have rotated properly and made captions for all the harpsichord project photos.

Feel free to surf some at my favorite sites.

I've started on a list of harpsichord music I'm working on or have moved on from. Of course, I'm playing it on my harpsichord. This list hasn't been updated for a while, as I've been distracted with other projects.

Someday, I'll make some more progress on my mirror frame. Next up is linseed oil, shellac, and a mirror. Someday...

My latest finished project, is a Gothic bench I started way back in 1998. I had started on the carving way back when, but got distracted by other things. I think it turned out really well.

Meanwhile, my old car done broke again. It was the head gasket again, due to a major design flaw in the gasket itself. So, very slowly but steadily, I work on that. The plan is to use a modern MLS gasket, which is much stronger then the old one, so shouldn't fail again. There are lots of ancillary tasks to complete while it's apart. Plus, the current situation means parts shortages and way slower acquisition of parts. The car will run again. That is truth.

Other photos that I'd like to share, not related to my projects, can be found here.

updated: 2 May 2021 7:15pm