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This album shows photos of things I've made for my workshop. What better way to equip a workshop than to make everything in it?

The cabinet in the drill press stand was fun to make with its sloping sides. The drawers are long, and full-extension slides rule.

The workbench frame is made from 2x4 and 2x8 lumber; top and lower shelf are solid-core commercial doors. The frame is held together with aluminum dowel nuts I made because nobody makes them for a 1/2" bolt. The cabinet on the shelf is custom, made from plywood and biscuits. The drawers are held together with biscuits - nothing fancy here. The face frame is maple.
There are two "accessory holes" on the front frame rail. The two things they're used for presently are a support for long boards and my router table.

The horizontal router table is based on a design in Fine Woodworking No.147. My improvements are making it twice as long, a stiffener on the fence, a better height screw, and better dust collection. The height screw threads in a t-nut under the piece of wood for fine adjustment. The baffle inside and all the holes in the end opposite the vacuum port keep the air moving, otherwise the dust and chips will just fill in the box. It's made from MDF and plywood, with oak edging around the bottom for durability. The knobs are made from applying a hole saw to scraps of red elm.

The router table is custom and fits into slots in the top front rail of the workbench. It folds flat for storage. Construction is two layers of plywood, maple edging, and a formica top; the legs are poplar. The top is about 2x3 feet. There's a dust bucket for the router I made from a trash can. It clips underneath with two wood clips and wingnuts. To make sure there's enough air flow for good dust collection by the shop vac, I drilled extra holes near the top. They can be covered with tape to adjust the air flow. It's a little tedious to adjust the router because I have to take off the dust bucket, but it works well and was cheap.

Custom cabinet to fi..he drill press stand Full-exension slides rule! Horizontal router table Horizontal router table
Inside baffle for better dust collection My workbench Detail of front lower left corner Cabinet and drawers
Detail of right side Detail of the "accessory slots" Long board holder Router table underside, folded for storage
Table slid into the workbench Router table, ready for work Router table dust bucket
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