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The first quilt hanger was for Kaela Bench, which I donated to the February 2012 Have a Heart Hop charity auction. The design is from my neighbor, who has built several of these. The wood is all white oak, finished with clear satin poly. For the 2014 Have a Heart Hop, I ended up making two, one for Denise Taplin and one for Lisa Deline. Denise chose red oak, Lisa chose cherry.
Putting nuts into the knobs Planing the oak a little thinner After ripping to wid.. smoothing the edges Dado-ing out the clamps
Wide dado on the clamp bottom Chamfering the sides of the clamps Smoothing the bevel Scratching in a decorative bead
Rounding the clamp feet Cutting clamps apart Clamps! Scraping off the burn marks
Drilling clamps for the t-bolts Clamps are done! Ripping a groove before... ...routing the t-slot
Rounding the edges Routing the clamp groove. Holes for mounting screws and caps Varnishing the knobs
Varnishing the clamps Varnishing the board Completed left end! Completed!
Installed! Two more, red oak and cherry The cherry one in use.
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