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The one thing I wish my whole-house standby generater came with was a power monitor. I would like to monitor the load it's driving when operational. Not finding what I wanted for a reasonable price, I decided to make my own. After scouring the 'net for some inexpensive meters, I found these. The hard one to find was the frequency meter. Fortunately, I found voltage and current meters to match. To keep it from using power all the time, I worked in a power switch. Now I know what load is going through my transfer panel, even when on utility power.
Cheap Chinese meters! Parts, ready to go together Marking out the panel Marked
Drill for the jigsaw Jigsaw action Rough openings Filing to size
Fits! Ready to wire Fuses Longer leads on the current transformers
Wiring the meters together Tested! Box in place Montoring!
All photos Copyright Brian A. Whaley. All rights reserved.
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