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This project was on my wish list for a long time. These are a pair of Craftsman-style nighstands. They are 22" tall, with about 16" square tops. There will be one short drawer for each. The wood is all quartered white oak, natch. The design is mine, but is based on a couple of items in the Dover book of projects from Stickley's magazine.
rough lumber doesn't look like much... planed, the figure shows up Legs! the top, ripping off the icky edges
gluing up a top board making tenons on the skirt boards smoothing and squaring the legs first step to a mortise
the left scalloped h..o a rectangular hole square peg, square hole one set done! one pair of legs
mortise and tenons for the upper apron starting to look like a table... making tenons on the top ends of the legs these will poke through the top
making for the mortises in the top drilled out most of the wood First one! Only 7 more... First pair! Looks great so far.
First table together! Matched pair. The jig to cut the arcs (bottom). The arc jig (top).
Trimming with the router table. Now a rabbet for the lower board. A dado for the shelf support. Shelf supports in the rabbets.
Scraping the arcs smooth. Planing the edges of the tops. Planing the tops smooth. Ready for glue!
Clamped while the glue sets Trimming and fitting the lower shelves Lower shelves make t..ot look so top heavy Trimming the through tenons flush
Planing the drawer s..s all the same width Marking out the tails of the dovetails Bandsawing out the e..ore trimming to size Holding the ends to mark out the pins
Ready to trim to size with chisels My first hand-cut through dovetail joint! Marking the drawer f..half-blind dovetails Using my dovetail saw for the first time
Cut to size and ready to fit Not bad for a first try Drawer in place! Looking good.
Cutting the groove for the drawer bottom Drawer bottom groove Drawer bottom groove detail Gluing on the back s..he squeezed-out glue
Drilling out a mortise for the drawer stop Chiseling it square The big piece drops ..eps the big piece in Fuming experiment (, 2 hours, 4 hours
Ready to fume in a make-shift tent Little stands for th..t them off the floor Fuming away. Come back in 4 hours... Fumed to a very nice brown
Varnish turns the gr.. an even nicer brown First coat on the table All finished, with knobs Old "nightstand"
New nightstand
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