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Since my hall bath redo was so much fun and made it to a usable state, I went ahead and started on my master bath. It had the same issue as the hall bath: worn-out original 1975. This one took way more work, as I decided to move a wall and door to combine the alcove with the bathroom, making one room out of it. The tub went away, to be replaced with a shower stall. The inside sink also went away to make room for a storage cabinet. The outside sink grows a mate, morphing into a double sink vanity. My neighbor's house, which is the same floorplan but mirrored, did this and it definitely was worth the effort. The underneath stuff (as always) took the longest. Moving plumbing supply and drains is time-consuming. Fortunately, the existing drain configuration made it easy for me to reconfigure for the new shower and sink setup.

The floor structure needed help, as the original guys left a gaping hole in the floor joists in front of the toilet. So, I added that, as well as putting in cross-braces most elsewhere. I thought more support under the shower would be best, as the tile and a person is heavy. Removing flex from that are should make the tile last longer.

As is the usual issue, the drain vent pipe was in the way for a recessed medicine cabinet. So, I bumped out the wall. There is room for it, and it looks pretty good, too. The medicine cabinet configuration is the same as the hall bath, as it worked so well there.

I moved back in 15 July 2018, 22 months after I started, and it's hard to describe how much of an improvement it is over the original worn-out bathroom.

The last touches are done, so I'm declaring it finished!

Original alcove Outside sink and cabinet Inside sink and toilet Inside tub
Tag under the outside countertop No more outside sink No more inside sink Inside sink plumbing
Inside toilet Tub plumbing and outside sink plumbing I hate glued-on mirrors! They tear up the wall
See? Still hate them Same floor tile as the hall bath Same wall tile as the hall bath
Action shot! Plastic is up to keep the dust down Nice pipe clamp Nailed on! Bleh.
Old shower pipe Tub drain Tub drain Pry it out
No tub! Tub is out! No tub. Underside
Lots of mortar bits from the walls Clean it up Old floor Removing subfloor
Particle board under the rest of the floor Supply pipes in the floor More supply pipes Tub drain pipe
Gaping hole in the structure! Yowza! Where's the support? 1.5 of 5 nails? 2 of 5 nails?
Lazy carpenters. Old inside sink and tub drains What a stupid configuration What?
Refit the vent pipe New structure where there was none Threshold between old and new floor New doorway!
New shower supply pipes New cold sink supply pipes New hot supply pipes New sink drain pipes
New drain pipe Perfect sink and shower drain run I lucked out on this Fix a plumber's cut
Add cross bracing More bracing Lots of bracing New shower drain trap
Tabs for new subfloor Ready for new plywood Lots of new structure Hole for shower drain
Trim to fit Stick it down with caulk Protect that supply pipe just underneath! More protection
Support around the toilet flange Subfloor around the toilet flange Making a support ring Rasp a bevel
Cut a circle Cut in half Fit around the flange Screw it down
Done! Time to nix the light Test fit the medicine cabinets New supply pipes for the sinks
Frame in the bump-out New outlet over the new vanity Last look of the rough wall Drywall!
Old hall bath fixture I bent away Gone! Left wall ready for drywall Left wall that will get tile
Drywall! Bump-out getting drywall Fitting a new door Split jamb door
Shims Done! Door with 4deg cut on leading edge Bump-out drywall and drain pipes
Corner beads Trim the ring, just in case Notching the stud to make room for pipe Rough-in valve in place
Pipes fitted Pipes soldered and supported Shower valve is ready! Making dioramas to decide on tile patterns
Cutting the hole for the drain Cut! Fits! 3-piece drain
View from under Primer on the walls Custom shower pan arrived! Test fit
Chewing wood away to fit the shower pan Drain fits! Snug as a bug Looking good!
Shower pan in place and ready to be set Probable tile choices Prep for stick-down! Thinset raked into a thoughtful pattern
Stuck down! Drain sealant gooed out Edge view after some scraping Blocks and "glue" for cement board
First piece on the wall! Making progress More pieces going up Cutout for the shower valve
Fits! Tape and mud the seams Walls up! Floor pieces cut and fit
Add a new board in the doorway Thinset under the pieces for stability Tape and mud the floor seams First coat of Redgard is up
Touching up the second coat That's one heavy vanity! Shower floor mosaic is going in Starting in on the floor
More floor Lots more floor Mistake in the pattern Fixed floor pattern
Starting on the wall The other wall Baseboards going on Other side baseboards
Before grout on the floor After grout on the floor Grouted the wall mosaic Time to seal the grout
Medicine cabinet! Time to finish the paint! A wee tight... Remove some wood
Now it fits! And it's in! We have a toilet! We have a cabinet!
I found the perfect lights and they work! Reinstalling shoe moulding Looks good!
Sink valve flush/testing Sinks go under the top Second sink Sealing
Cut one faucet hole Cut the other Lay in place We have a top!
Cut the backsplash to length Checking level Shower curb cap to match Stick them down
Check coverage and apply more goop Fit and clean We have a shower curb! We have a vanity top and sinks!
Time for faucets! Under view Water! The other works, too
Trim the drain pipe Trimmed! Fitting on the trap Other sink trap
Left trap done! Right trap done! Making molding for shower wall top PVC get PVC cement
Clamped and curing Test fit looks nice Wedge to glue up in place Glued and curing
Time for shower glass! Door hinge cutout Lots of blue tape Drill for bottom clips
Action shot! Fitting left piece Careful placement Test corners up top
Drill for the header Clean the glass Finish caulking Done!
Door works! Looks super! Leak they had to fix We have a towel bar!
Wood for cabinet front corners Glue and clamp Trim off the squeeze-out Plane to 2in square
Plywood cut out! First cabinet takes shape Looking good! Routing grooves for the pilaster strips
Gluing Gluing the smaller cabinet Gluing the larger cabinet Gluing hinge blocks
Small cabinet is together! Large cabinet test fit Primer Paint
Trim and fit pilaster strips Install small cabinet Install large cabinet Mark the door for the duct
Routed cutout Looks good! Done and ready for paint Priming doors
First top coat Drill template for handles They fit! Grill for the vent
Cut to size Caulked into place Looks great! Done!
Shelves for cabinets
All photos Copyright Brian A. Whaley. All rights reserved.
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