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My upstairs hall bath was original 1975, and it was past time to re-do it. These photos show what I did. The tiling was done by Alin Ratiu, who did an excellent job. The cabinet is made from poplar (legs) and birch plywood. I aimed for a mix of retro and modern, which I think I achieved. I kept the original tub, as it is in good condition.
Tag on the tub Original Original Original
Old Skool substrate Removed the tub doors Slow floor removal Bye-bye old toilet
Icky old closet flange Bye-bye old sink Craptastic old plumbing Toilet supply
Ready to cut into the tub supply lines New stubs on the sink supply lines New stub on the toilet supply line Floor tile is gone
Lath and asphalt paper Ready to remove wall tile Ready to remove wall tile Clean floor
Wall tiles are also Old Skool Messy and hard work This took me all day Pull it off in pieces
Down to studs Studs Time to repair around the flange Stuff for the bathroom below
Drain below Stuff below Support for new floor In place
More support for new More support for new In place New floor around the drain
In place New valves for tub supply Old crap ready out for trash pickup New cement board
New cement board Floor tile is going in Floor tile is going in Wall tile is going on
Wall tile is going on New walls More wall tile Coming together!
To the ceiling More wall tile Baseboard all the way around Hex stripe
Lookin' good! All wall tile is on Floor pre-grout Walls
To the ceiling Floor looks good with the walls Grouted! All done!
More views Nice floor Tub Floor
Hex stripe Old dead and new flange Clear out cement board Ready for a spacer
Plywood spacer In place New flange! New drywall on this wall
Vanity parts Ripping legs to size Love my saw! Scrape off the saw marks
Biscuits! Right side panel Taking shape First view of the cabinet!
Drill template for shelf supports Shelf pins Setup the press for hinge cup holes Hinge support blocks
We have doors! Fixing drywall around the plumbing Holes for switches
Fixing drywall Fixed drywall Fixed drywall Test fit the cabinet
Looks good! Tape for painting Prep for painting Prep for painting
Painting the walls Laminate on the shelf Laminate on the cabinet bottom Template for door handles
We have a cabinet! Install shutoff valves Toilet shutoff valve Cabinet is home!
Cabinet! We have a toilet! We have a top! Another top view
Installing the sink We have a sink! We have backsplashes and a hole! We have a working faucet!
We have a drain! We have medicine cabinets! Oooo! Shiny! We have a shelf!
Looking usable!
All photos Copyright Brian A. Whaley. All rights reserved.
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