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A friend of mine, Wendy, is turning her back yard into a mini Hobbiton. There's already a Hobbit Hole, Mirkwood, and other parts. Every Shire worth its Hobbits has a pottery seller, so this is the stand for "Suz's Middle Earthenware". It's just roof over a child-size picnic table, but does the part nicely. Assembling the picnic table was rather too mundane to show here. My first attempt at installing cedar shingles went well, I think. The final painting and the sign (to come) is all Wendy's work.

Wood! peaks on top of uprights ends of horizontals chamfer top runners
rabbets on bottom runners second rabbet cut cutout for bottom runners cut out!
lop off the useless bit fits! dados for cross pieces trim a little deeper
cross bar lap joint test assembly of the frame cutting the roof pieces trying to uncurl the plywood
force it flat for a chamfer we have roof! posts going on posts are on!
roof is on! roof looks great shingling all shingled!
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