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This is my Halloween costume for 2012. It's the Flying Spaghetti Monster! The hat started out as a sailor's hat, but I flipped down the brim (mostly because it was too small for me). Next time, I will use a collander, as suggested by someone. First, I roughened up some 2" smooth styrofoam balls, so they'd look more like meatballs. The paint I bought ("burgundy") was too bright red, almost fuschia, so I spritzed on some black, making them look a lot like meat. The noodles are 3/16" braided rope meant for clothesline, cut into pieces about 16" long. (I used all 100 feet.) Since I wanted to dance while wearing this, nothing is on the right shoulder of the shirt. The wire holding the eyes to the hat is from 14ga Romex - one side has white insulation. Everything is held together with hot glue (2 sticks worth). I wanted a shirt that looks like a tablecloth, and the thrift store delivered. May you be touched by His noodly appendage! And, I tied for best individual male costume with a fabbo Mad Scientist!
Putting some texture..d on a manhole cover Ready to paint the meatballs Meatballs! Wire for the eyes hot-glued onto the hat
Looking at you! With noodles and meatballs! Ready to put noodles on the shirt With noodles and meatballs!
An uncanny likeness... The costume in action! The costume in action! The costume in action!
The costume in action! Tied for best costume with this guy.
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