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Well, after 22 years of running polyurethane bearings, one caused trouble in the rear. Iron oxide is to blame, as it takes more volume than iron. The passenger-side toe arm broke. Fortunately, I wasn't going very fast and was able to get to safety in a parking lot and call a tow truck. The problem had been there a while, based on the look of the break. I checked all of the arms, removing all the polyurethane pieces and de-rusting all the eyes. I also replaced the adjustment bolts and regreased everything with silicone grease.

Turns out, I used the stock tube for lateral link #2. I wish I hadn't, as it's not stainless steel. So, I made a new 316L stainless steel tube and polyurethane bearing.

Broken toe arm :-( The service manual page Chassis end Closeup of the eye
Worn, but reusable! Old broken, old unbroken Trailing link looks ok Removing the tube from the carrier
Removing the polyu from the carrier In good shape! Rusty! Cleaned up
Push it back in Frame end of trailing link redone Lateral arm #2 looks bad Remove the inner sleeve this time
Toe arm tube needs help Polished right up Now, to remove the rubber Cored out!
Wire brush to remove the rest New old toe arm ready to reinstall Drilling for tubes Cut off the new tube
Face the end to length Turning polyurethane Cut both ends New tubes and bushings!
Test fit Strut rod ready to install Lower passenger side done! Old driver side
Dirty upper arm tubes All clean! Dirt Lots of dirt
Driver-side toe arm Remove old polyu Clean up Regoo the ball joint
#2 arm Old rusty tube Remove all old parts New parts
Strut rod Remove the tube Remove the bushing All cleaned up
Ready to go back in Strut rod carrier end Remove the tube from the carrier Bushing looks good
Remove it Rust isn't too bad All clean Cleaned up
Push it back in Pushing Back in place Upper arm ears
Upper arm ears Upper arm ears Upper arm ears Upper arm
Other end Dirty tube Other dirty tube Clean 'em up
Ready for the strud rod All together now Looking good! Back on the ground
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