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After a mere 50,000 miles, the clutch in my 1988 Toyota Supra failed. Turns out, one of the friction rings separated from the driven plate because all 8 rivets failed. I will blame Aisin for replacing a good product with a cheaper one. The clutch the car came with lasted almost 200,000 miles. Obviously, I used a better clutch this time around, as this is not a project I want to repeat any time soon. This took about 4 days of work and over $1200 in parts. While the transmission was out, I paid to get it rebuilt with new bearings and synchros. The output bearing was making lots of noise, and it had about 200,000 miles on it, so it was time for a rebuild. I also bought a new fancy radiator, as the old Toyota OEM one was disintegrating.
Hood and intake is off Note injector connector colours Odds are white, evens are red Unweave the engine harness from the intake
Almost ready to remove Engine is out! My beautiful 7MGE The trans and shifter
Broken clutch plate with the pressure plate Flywheel isn't damaged, fortunately Exhaust manifold detail
Empty engine bay Pile o' parts Empty engine bay Hole for the shifter
My lovely W58 Another view of the flywheel Backside of the flywheel Back of engine
Old release bearing Remove the rear main seal Rear of crank looks good New rear main seal
New rear main seal Using bread to remove the pilot bearing Feed it more bread Hit that bolt hard
Bearing pops out Pick out the smooshed bread Socket to install the new bearing New pilot bearing
Replace driver side engine mount Replace passenger side engine mount Old parts removed from the trans Replacement release bearing is different
New release bearing should work New bearing with the old clip Rusty oil pan Paint the trans mount ears
Paint the oil pan Paint the oil pan Clean my resurfaced flywheel Trans output seal
Fit new flywheel bolts Installing the flywheel Add blue thread lock for insurance Tighten slowly
Final torque Install new pressure plate Reattach trans to engine Starter is on!
Ready to go back in Still empty Last look at the empty engine bay It still fits!
The mess of engine harness Intake is going together Fan shroud mount broke Other mount isn't bad
Fan shroud broke Clean Roughen it up Tack it together
Melt in some metal mesh for strength Add epoxy for more strength No epoxy on this side Repaired shroud mount
All back together!
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