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So, I thought my Old Car's differential was making lots of noise and needed to be rebuilt. So, I tackled this project. The ring & pinion is from Weir Performance, as they are the only place I found a 4.30 set. The rest of the parts were from Toyota. This is not a project for the feint of heart. It took many iterations of measuring, taking it apart, adjusting shims, putting it back together, measuring, etc. A press is required. These photos are a summary, and don't show how many times I took it apart and put it back together. I would guess I did that more than 20 times.
First step: remove the diff from the car Remove the back cover After removing the out the pinion Dirty parts
With the case open Cleaning. Lots of cleaning... All clean! Left: old ring; Right: new ring
Pressing off the old..ion bearing is tough Measuring the inside case height Measuring the clutch pack Measuring pinion gear backlash
Pressing on a new rear pinion bearing Oiling up the diff guts before assembly Oily! Carrier after a thorough brushing
Bolting on the new ring gear Carrier all painted Pressing on a side bearing Pressing on the other side bearing
Checking ring gear runout Pressing in new rear..n bearing outer race Pressing in new fron..n bearing outer race Pinion parts, includ..leeve and new spacer
Pinion spacer and shims Pinion in place First pattern check looks pretty good Checking backlash
I couldn't get enoug.. down a side bearing Grinding down the side bearing Shim up the other si..aring to get preload Drive-side pattern looks good
Coast-side pattern looks good Last look at the front pinion bearing Oil slinger Using the companion ..install the oil seal
Torque the pinion nut to 130 ft-lb Side oil seal Other side oil seal Stake the pinion nut
Install side axle Clean the surfaces completely before... ...adding gasket RTV Install the back cover
Torque back cover bolts Add cheap oil Run for 10 minutes o..ll with break-in oil Back in the car.
All photos Copyright Brian A. Whaley. All rights reserved.
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