So much music for harpsichord is in the public domain, and most of it is available somewhere on the web, I'm still exploring. As I play more I get better (natch), so there's more I can play! I thought I'd start a list of what I'm working on and where I found the music. Now, I'm not saying I can just sit down and play anything on this list cold. I've worked them through in the past so I can play them pretty well, but it fades quickly for me.

The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) is the first place I look when I want to find any music published before 1920 or so (i.e., in the public domain). They have a huge collection of all sorts, not just for harpsichord.

I started out playing pieces from the Tome of Elizabethan virginalists, the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (FBV), 1st edition, reprinted by Dover. I have a printed copy which I borrowed from my dad. It is available from the IMSLP (#178082 and #178083).

Lately, I've been exploring G.F. Händel's harpsichord music found in his Klavierstücke, which you can find on the IMSLP site (#18735). There's some good stuff in there, along with some not so good, which is no surprise.

Pieces from the FVB (that I like):

Music by Henry Purcell, from the Dover book Keyboard Works:

Pieces from G.F. Händel's Klavierstücke:

updated: 13 August 2012 8:55pm